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How Is Image SEO The Best Local SEO Practice?


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How Is Image SEO The Best Local SEO Practice?

In today’s digital world, with the technological revolution, there is a constant shift in online strategies. Run back in your memory when you saw images on a website, and it attracted your sight. In recent times, visuals have become the go-to global language. On the other hand, traditional strategies don’t include many visuals. As per the study by Jeffbillas, when you add optimized images to your website, the engagement rates rise to 94%, making it essential for the best local SEO. Therefore, a static website that has few visuals has a low chance of user engagement and might make you lose traffic quickly. So how are you supposed to come out of the traditional hole? No worries, that’s what we are here to address. Let’s dive into the art of image optimization to help solidify your online presence.

What Is The Best Local SEO Practice For Images?

If you want to adopt the best local SEO practice for images, use descriptive alt tags alongside location-based keywords. Moreover, you should always rename your image files with keywords to increase the chance of ranking. To begin with, the best local SEO image strategies include:
  • Renaming files
  • Writing accurate descriptions
  • Adding the right geotags
  • Ensuring that you add up location-specific Alt text.
Optimization is the key to gaining profit if you long for a successful business. When you update your website with appealing images, it’ll help you stand out.  Moreover, local SEO experts say you can quickly get more clicks and engagement with image optimization. Eventually, such strategies naturally invite more clicks and allow the potential buyer to land on your website directly.

How Do Visuals Bring More Clicks?

Humans prefer visual aids and love to go over colorful sights. As per the study conducted by Sparktoro, 22.6% of Google web searches take place through images. Meaning? When people surf the internet, they prefer visual answers more than text. Therefore, if you add optimized images to your web page, you can get higher traffic on your website. Visuals capture human attention faster than text and reduce the monotonous scrolling. So vibrant color images that are relevant become hooks for potential customers. Without a doubt, visuals engage the user and stimulate the senses. If you optimize images with relative tags and proper descriptions, your business becomes discoverable. Additionally, compelling images lead to enhanced organic traffic and leads.

Search Engines and Image Recognition

It is an old-school concept that search engines crawl keyword-stuffed textual content. However, with the increased popularity of artificial intelligence, search engines have developed image recognition algorithms.  This feature helps improve the quality of websites and allows users to scroll to the relevant queries quickly. What If your textual content on a webpage falls off the ranking pages?  Here is when well-optimized images pull up organic traffic swiftly. Moreover, you can be on top of the SERP if your image ranks earlier than the text.

How Does Image Optimization Improve Local Reach?

As far as local businesses are concerned, geographical locations play a vital role in picking up buyers. In a traditional business model, you can only sell something once it’s displayed in your shop.  Whereas the same format is followed in the digital business model, but ‘keywords’ play a key role in helping you get found. Undoubtedly, at this point, the best local SEO practice of optimized images works wonders to gain business. Let’s assume you want to explore the coffee shops in Florida. So you will search for the ‘Best coffee shops in Florida.’ This will give you a list of the top-ranked coffee shops in Florida. Now it’s not necessary that the names you’ll get are actually the best coffee shops in the review of the local community. These are simply the shops that have conducted their local SEO well. So this is how Local SEO helps in enhancing your local visibility. You can easily pop up your business on top by incorporating correct tags and keywords.

Image SEO vs. Traditional SEO

Comparing the two SEO strategies, the timeline shows a drastic change in the respective field. For many years, textual content optimization has been the only focus for online prominence. Contrarily, with the recent surge in visual content, multiple out-of-the-box activities ensure online success. So shall we quit the traditional practices and shift to modern trends? Not necessarily. Although traditional practices have yet to be deniable, Image SEO is the rising trend.  However, the best local SEO combines modern strategies with traditional ones that can raise your business like a free bird. With evolving user demands, a holistic approach shall be adopted.

Image Optimization Checklist

To surge SEO for images to the next level, there are multiple check marks that you need to cover up before making images live on your website.

ALT Text

The basis to image SEO lies in ‘Alt text,’ also known as alternative text. It is the image description that helps users access your business. In addition, images give search engines a clearer vision of the business’s nature. What to keep in mind while adding ALT text?
  • Avoid stuffing
  • Keep the Descriptions relevant
  • Adding precise keyword phrases

Compress Images

Are you using images but facing slow speed issues? If you are posting stock images as it is, then you will put up a load on your website. Do you know your bounce rate increases when a user experiences a slow site speed issue? Almost 20% of your engagement reduces with delay in loading. Consequently, compress your images and reduce the file size for swift loading speed and a user-friendly interface with Webp format.

Rename files

It might be a tiny detail, but image names hold a strong position in the eyes of search engines. If you add your keywords as file names, search engines crawl and categorize images easily. What is the benefit of renaming files? You can rank higher in the relevant searches if you rename your files with keywords.


Almost 46% of searches on Google are localized. If you hire local SEO services for your business to gain capital from regional searches, they prefer geotagging! Putting geographic information in the images makes your business appear in local searches. This improves engagement and drives a good number of organic traffic.

SEO Optimization

Similar to textual content optimization, images shall be appropriately optimized as well. A well-defined combination of keywords for images enhances visibility. , However, keep two things in mind!
  1. Relevancy with business
  2. Organic search optimization

What Are The Best Image SEO Tools?

Image SEO might sound very basic, but there are special customized tools to work on this process accurately. If you want to rank your business in the digital realm, here is what you need! If you want to know about some standard Image SEO tools, here are some of them:
  • Tiny PNG
  • io
  • io
  • Optimizilla
  • AVS image converter
  • image converter
  • Picwish
All of these together improve the website speed and loading time. Other tools are:
  • ai
  • Hubspot CMS
  • ai
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google keyword planner
  • Google tag manager
  • Tealium IQ
  • Quibit open tag
Pro tip:💡 Google Analytics, Photor AI, and other specialized tools analyze image metrics and help refine SEO strategies. To sum up, in this era of online rush, arming your website with the best tools, brands, and strategies is a must. Visual content stimulates the audience’s interest and makes your business prominent in the search results. Similar to the popularity of social media, which is famous for its viral visual content, Image SEO makes your business viral too. Are you ready to pioneer the digital world? If you need help navigating the suitable people for your business optimization, pick Brand Surge, a top-tier digital marketing agency, to avail yourself of top-tier SEO and digital marketing services. Our expert team improves business visibility and makes brands credible. Why Brand Surge? We don’t sell services; we create strategies backed by our proven data.
How do local SEO services make Image SEO essential?
Local SEO services integrated with descriptive image SEO amplify businesses’ digital presence in specific locations. Moreover, it drives a lot more local traffic with improved online visibility.

Local SEO experts include multiple advantages of image Seo. Undoubtedly optimized Visuals appeal to the human eye and boost local search ranking.

Image SEO is a powerful practice but requires a well-constructed Local Seo strategy to dominate the digital arena. The better your overall design, the higher your rank on SERP.



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