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Benefits of Voice Search in Local SEO Experts Opinion


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Benefits of Voice Search in Local SEO Experts Opinion

Smart devices have quickly made their way into our daily lives. One specific feature that allows us to complete our tasks without even lifting a finger is voice search. We’ve seen sci-fi films that predicted that we would be able to control all our devices with a voice command in the future. Meanwhile, it is not a fantasy anymore. The voice search feature allows us to search for anything online without typing.

As per the survey conducted by Oberlo, seven out of ten consumers use voice search over traditional typing, making it crucial for businesses to optimize their online presence with the help of local SEO experts.


Because it’s easy.

However, you can use this stat to your advantage as an SEO expert. Besides the convenience, voice search creates more significant potential for Local SEO.  Voice search is the most remarkable trend for business promotion and growth. It is revolutionizing the scene of businesses in exciting ways. Let’s explore the buzz of voice search local SEO practices!

What Do Local SEO Experts Say About Voice Search Technology?

According to local SEO experts, voice search technology is raising the bar as more people turn to this swift hands-free method for queries.  It works with the model of conversational keyword optimization, making things easily approachable for the user through voice. On the other hand, this technique also helps businesses become easily discoverable.

Additionally, voice search is a blend of high-end technologies that make conversing with your device easier. It has revolutionized the SEO landscape, using a natural language approach for queries. How Is Image SEO the Best Local SEO Practice? Local SEO experts target long-tail keywords to ensure excellent proximity and precision for a user-business solid bond. Moreover, voice-activated devices prioritize top-notch results for people and increase the traffic on the website once the command is given. Eventually, direct question answers provide a user-centric browsing experience allowing more potential buyers to reach the business.


Importance of Voice Search in Local SEO

Businesses that focus on integrating voice search in the local SEO plans achieve the spotlight on search engines. Have you seen large brand posters on billboards on the busiest streets?

The primary purpose is to bring the services or products into the eyes of potential customers. Similarly, voice search acts like a digital billboard on busy internet streets.

But how? Here is the answer.

Traditional billboards are placed on highways to grab the attention of people driving vehicles. Similarly, voice-activated devices answer queries loudly similar to a broadcast.

The vocal representation of the answers is created to grab the listener’s attention. When a user’s voice searches a query there is a direct response from the software highlighting the relative brands which is similar to traditional billboard advertisements.  Voice search acts as a digital billboard as it presents information audibly to dominate the user’s attention with relevant content.

Let’s discuss a case for voice search to solidify the turning of figures that businesses can experience with this feature. According to a study by Think with Google, voice searches for ‘Restaurants near me’ have grown 200%+ in the previous years, and Domino Pizza used this trend to their advantage as well.

They included voice search ordering through Google Home or Amazon Echo in their digital strategies improving their Local SEO. As a result, voice Search surged Domino sales to 60% through digital channels, as per their financial statements. So, if you want next-level engagement and sales for your business, you must keep voice search in your local SEO sketch!

💡 Do You know? Around 82% of people search places on mobile using the phrase ‘Near me’!

What Are The Benefits of Voice Search In Local SEO?

According to experts, voice search facilitates swift user interactions and offers hyper-local targeting for catering categories around the keyword ‘Near Me.’

It allows users to elevate the online visibility of local businesses through conversations with potential customers.

Quick Results

Undoubtedly, voice search is used more as a feature for mobile users. Almost 63% of Google searches come from mobile phones. Eventually, if businesses optimize their Local SEO strategy, it reaches the audience effectively. Moreover, the location-based needs of the consumers can get instant solutions using this strategy.

Enhanced User Experience

As far as the voice search algorithm is concerned, quick-loading websites with efficient mobile interfaces receive priority. To cut it short, a win-win situation occurs when your business comes up in the top-rank voice search results with these strategies.

Hyper-Local Targeting

If it is about the best e-commerce for SEO practices, hyper-local targeting is significant in local SEO for online businesses.

Eventually, this makes the golden chance for businesses to reach and serve consumers efficiently. Additionally, if you ensure well-crafted Local SEO strategies, the relevant companies appear on top against the consumer query.

Conversational Demands

It is evident that voice search is conversational and allows customers to interact more efficiently with the device. However, the good part is that you must refrain from typing long sentences or fragmented phrases now.

Eventually, the conversational content efficiently answers user questions. Moreover, businesses can easily connect with potential customers on a personal level using the strategy.

Edge among Conversation

Traditional SEO was once the best practice, but current trends have wiped off this concept. You should be aware of the distinctive advantage of Voice Search within local business SEO services. With the uprise in voice recognition, new businesses gain greater visibility and customer engagement than old companies.


In conclusion, the digital marketing agency world is evolving its landscapes daily. So, to raise your sales and visibility, you must stay ahead of the curve. When you witness your business ranking on the top of SERP, you will be sure that voice search has successfully optimized your business. Eventually, if you wish to shine brighter in Local SEO, look no further than Brand Surge, a leading digital marketing agency that provides expert digital marketing agency services. Let’s hop onto the journey of reaching new heights for your business with our expert team and ace the community together!

How Can my local SEO plans get benefit from voice search?
Using Voice search, the local SEO plans get exposure to conversational queries. This boosts your business engagement with the customers and prioritizes hyper-local search results.
When you pick the best local business SEO services, you will definitely receive a complete package of voice search optimization strategies. They ensure that your business reaches the audience’s local inquiries.

In order to reach the maximum potential of your business, you should target long-tail keywords as well as conversational inquiries. Moreover, your business should also provide information to the relevant voice queries.



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