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Brand Surge

Digital Marketing Agency – SEO, PPC, Content Marketing

Ubaid Ur Rehman

Director Organic Growth

Ubaid turns our client’s vision into a reality with data-driven strategies.

Haseeb Tanveer

Director Paid Ads

Haseeb, an operational savant, maximizes campaign impact for efficient advertising.

Kamil Kuś

Kamil Kuś

Decision Partner

Kamil іѕ knоwn fоr hіѕ аbіlіtу to turn complex problems into ѕіmрlе, bеаutіful and іntuіtіvе designs.

Amy Jacob

Clients Success

Amy fosters long-term client relationships and ensures top-notch service.

Maham Amir

Creative Content Lead

Our word wizard, crafts captivating narratives, showcasing content’s prowess with her skilled team.

Hajirah Asim

Hajirah Asim

Data Analyst

Our data wizard, Hajirah turns complex data into actionable insights to get desired outcomes.

Fiza Sami

Web Copywriter

Fiza, our brand voice, combines creativity and SEO to craft compelling stories that drive action.

Moeeza Azeem

Paid Ads Guru

Moeeza excels at creating effective, sales-boosting ads through data-driven creativity.

Faraz Javed

Technical SEO Geek

Faraz Javed, our SEO and WordPress expert, brings client visions to life with stunning websites.

Sufyan Naeem

SEO Specialist

Sufyan Naeem drives SEO to keep client brands atop search rankings.

Sulman Majeed

Project Management Pro

 Our adept manager, Sulman, ensures precise project planning and resource allocation for strategic wins.

Taha Ahmad

Director Growth

To perform growth experiments to find solutions to a company’s problems in a given part of the buyer’s funnel.