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Tips For On Page Technical SEO To Enhance User Experience


on-page technical SEO

Tips For On Page Technical SEO To Enhance User Experience

In the hustle and bustle of this digital arena, our attention is grabbed by numerous things at the same time. It keeps moving different things to and fro like a pendulum, as do digital strategies.  As a result, the competition in the online world is expanding with every passing day. This creates a demand for secret strategies to help you stand out as extraordinary from other boring websites. Want to know what that secret weapon is? It is on-page technical SEO! The word might seem like a bundle of technical jargon, yet it is an art. This particular strategy builds up SEO friendly website experience for visitors.  If done right, it benefits the audience and helps your website reach the forefront of search engines. So if you wish to elevate and connect your business with the best audience, on-page technical SEO is your golden ticket to success!

Why Is On-Page Technical SEO Important for User Experience?

A well-crafted on-page technical SEO strategy ensures that your website pages have an excellent loading speed and are mobile-friendly. Moreover, the data structure of your website, along with other factors, results in an improved user experience. At present, Google is highly conscious of user experience. This means that your website needs to be up to the mark to avoid bounce rates. The user is expected to return if your website needs an efficient display and speed. Here is when technical SEO service steps in! Technical SEO has a significant impact on a website’s overall performance. Have you ever consistently posted content on your website and still got no significant traffic? This happens when your site is not accessible to search engines. But how can you improve your website performance? Let’s explore some tips to help you rank your website on search engines!

Best Practices for On-page Technical SEO

You can follow numerous technical SEO strategies, including SEO Tips and Tricks, to enhance your website performance. Hiring a technical SEO agency is ideal, as they first create an SEO-optimized site structure for your website to get it ranked. For a complete fledge optimization for Technical SEO, follow these best practices for a profitable business.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP. It exchanges data between the web server and browser in an encrypted manner. It secures the personal information of individuals and companies. Moreover, it has been a ranking factor for a decade now. How to be sure your website is secured? If a lock icon is in the URL address bar, your website is protected. Simply installing an SSL certificate makes your website look authentic and builds trust in users that the website they are accessing has a secure connection. 💡Note: If you want to transition from HTTP to HTTPS for your website, establish a redirect link to your website so that users directly move to your secure version of the website.

Website Speed Optimization

You must have heard the phrase ‘Time is money.’  This term has become an ultimate rule in the digital realm. A website’s loading time directly impacts user experience and search engine rankings. Eventually, page speed on both desktop and mobile is a ranking factor. 💡Do you know? A good loading speed of a website page lies between 0-2 seconds. According to a study by Portent, pages that load in 1 second have an average 40% conversion rate, while a 2-second loading time drops conversions to 34%. However, loading speeds exceeding this time get a relatively low conversion rate. For best results, you should compress images, use a content distribution network to connect visitors across the globe to your site, and minify HTML and Javascript files to remove unnecessary characters and spaces. Altogether, the page loading time improves and enhances your website performance. You should always check your website performance now and then to ensure a good user experience and higher search engine rankings.

Structured Data

Structured data is a standard format in which we provide information about pages and the related content of our website for search engines. Google supports structured data markups to understand the content of a website efficiently. Structured data codes are clues about your page content. Ultimately inserting the right structured data codes helps rank your content in rich snippets. These are Google search results with additional displays of data pulled out from structured data. Consequently, you can rank your page with an improved click-through rate. For instance, if you run an ecommerce business and get national SEO services, you will experience increased CTR as structured product data will be added to your website. So when you upload content, it engages the users while structured data hooks the search engines.

One Version of the Website

Make sure that your website has only one version. It eases the accessibility of your website to users, and search engines easily crawl up your website. Your website should have either of the two versions: OR However, if your website has both these versions, you will face an issue of duplication which directly affects your backlink profile and reduces its performance. However, you can create redirects for your other website links to avoid this problem.

Mobile-Friendly Website

At present, people are using multiple devices to access their desired content. However, Google is quite serious about mobile-first indexing now. Websites that have mobile-friendly versions have higher chances of content indexing and ranking. 💡Do you know? According to Statista, almost 6718 Million people have smartphone subscriptions. What does it mean? It means 6178 million people use mobile phones to surf the internet and visit websites. Therefore, you should ensure your website is highly compatible with mobile devices. If your website has a responsive design, the user experience improves to a great extent. Undoubtedly easy access to websites brings in more and more people.

No Duplicate Content

You face a content duplication error when publishing the same or nearly identical content on multiple website pages. Google does not de-rank websites for duplicate content, but specific other issues occur, such as:
  • Diluted backlinks
  • Unwanted URL ranking in search results
  • Low performance of key pages
  • Wastage of crawling budget
Note: Multiple tools are available to check duplicate content on your site alongside solutions to fix them.

Fix Broken Pages

Broken pages on a website negatively affect your site performance. Whenever a link or page displays a ‘404 error’, it indicates a broken link. Moreover, if you create backlinks to those pages, they could be useful. Contrarily if you want to fix your broken links, you can follow these methods
  • Find broken links using any tool
  • Replace broken links with live links
  • Redirect the broken link
  • update/remove the broken link
When you fix the broken pages, you should remove/update the internal links for the redirected pages.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core web vitals is an update that Google uses as a speed metric to track the user experience on multiple websites. It follows three protocols:
  • Largest Contentful Paint(LCP) to calculate the loading time of the most significant element.
  • First input delay(FID) for tracking the time taken by the website after the user’s first interaction with the webpage
  • Cumulative Layout shift(CLS)  to track changes in various layouts on a webpage.
To optimize your website, you should have the following scores on these metrics:
  • LCP ≤  2.5
  • FID ≤  100 ms
  • CLS ≤  0.1

Internal/External Linking

Internal links are connecting bridges for your website pages. A user gets guidance on the relevant content across your website through these links. Strategic linking ensures that the user finds the suitable information they seek. Additionally, search engines easily crawl through the hierarchical pages of your website. On the other hand, external links are equally crucial for a website. When you link your content or webpages with credible and trustworthy sites, Google will also consider your page authentic and credible. Remember, a well-referenced site always takes the lead amongst the crowd!

Look For Technical Issues

Technical SEO cannot be perfect after a one-time fix only. You will encounter new problems that pop up now and then. Eventually, you should monitor your website’s technical SEO health and fix the issues immediately. You should navigate the underlying technical issues and glitches to avoid the downfall of your site’s performance. You should perform regular audits and proper troubleshooting for increased visibility and reach of your website. To wrap it up, on-page technical SEO is not only about search engine ranking but also about delivering excellent user experience simultaneously. Following the best practices, you can easily stand out amongst your competitors. After going through the tips for on-page technical SEO, you must refine your strategies for a successful website. But where to begin with? No worries, we got you covered! Pick Brand Surge as your expert digital marketing company USA to reach the forefront of the digital realm. We provide a free site audit to make things clear ahead of the process. So, you do not need to get puzzled in the Technical SEO maze alone. Our experts will be by your side to transform your online presence in days! Roll up your sleeves and reach out to Brand Surge for further services!  
How can a technical SEO agency help my business?
A technical SEO agency cements the backend of your website, making it easily crawlable, ensuring quick loading time and the best user experience. Moreover, it offers higher search engine rankings as well.
Technical SEO services work on a website’s foundational aspects, including site speed, structuring data, sitemaps, and other elements overlooked in general SEO.
Overall, SEO looks after broader spectrum strategies to improve a website’s visibility in search engines. Contrarily, technical SEO mainly focuses on the website’s backend, which is the foundation of an efficient website.



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