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Looking to Create an Impactful PPC Strategy? Here’s All You Need to Know


PPC Strategy

Looking to Create an Impactful PPC Strategy? Here’s All You Need to Know

Google Ads are great for your marketing as they get your name in front of your target audience, build brand awareness, gain a competitive edge over competitors, and generate leads. 

According to Tech Jury, paid advertisements have an ROI of 200%, and PPC generates twice the number of visitors generated by SEO. Moreover, a Google study shows that Google Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. 

All these statistics show the essential role that PPC Strategy and Google Ads campaigns play in defining the success of your business in 2023. 

7 Master Tips To Create The Best Strategy For Paid Ads

Many factors play a unique role in defining the effectiveness and outcome of your paid advertising campaigns. And you can’t control them completely, but here are some tips you can consider to create a holistically smart strategy that confidently increases your chances of success. 

From analyzing the recent market trends and research studies to expert insights, the following are some tips to help you create the PPC campaign that will get you closer to the results you are looking for:

Tip 1 | Use Lookalike Audiences

An audience created similar to an existing list of leads or customers is called a lookalike audience. Lookalike audiences help you easily identify and reach the right users and increase your conversion rate dramatically. 

You can create a lookalike audience following multiple methods. One example is downloading your targeted email lists and uploading them to Facebook. You can easily find similar audiences by doing this and generate a new list of potential customers to target. 

Tip 2 | Also Bid on Branded Keywords

Whether it’s your first managing a PPC ad campaign or a hundredth of the time, you must know the importance of targeting the right keywords. It all boils down to it. However, industry keywords can be very competitive. So only targeting those keywords will push you down the rabbit hole, making it inevitably hard for you to get the desired results. 

Have you heard the phrase, “Work smart, not harder?”

Well, that’s exactly how it is. You need to be smart with your keyword strategy. Otherwise, it will be like throwing all your money down the drain. 

So besides focusing on industry keywords, which are undoubtedly important, also target some branded keywords. Branded keywords are phrases directly associated with your brand, products, and services. They can be discovered easily through both social media and search engines.  

Above are branded keywords for the Apple store and their product, iPhone.

These keywords help you target people with the highest purchase intent. So, targeting them allows you to directly reach those people and secure higher chances of conversions and, ultimately, revenue. 

Tip 3 | Create Video Ads 

Cisco reports that 82% of global internet traffic will come from either video streaming or downloads in 2022. We all love videos. They are more engaging and easy to follow. Unlike pictures or written content on social media platforms, we don’t have to put so much energy into watching them. 

So follow the same idea. You need to capture your audience in the way that’s most suitable for them. Create ease for them. So don’t make the mistake of creating your campaign based on only pictures. Include some videos, teasers, and graphics. It doesn’t matter what form of content or video format you use. As long as it engages your audience and the message is designed well. You should be good to go. 

You can also tell your brand story, showcase your brand features, use user-generated photos, influencer shots, a recording of your product used by your customer (testimonial), and show how your products are made (manufacturing process). These can be very effective ways to drive an increase in sales. 

Tip 4 | Invest in Influencer Marketing

55% of consumers trust user-generated content more than any other type of advertising. Moreover, research shows that 86% of women are more likely to buy products that are recommended on social media platforms. 

You can include your consumer’s photos or videos in your ads or hire influencers to share reviews about your product. The important point here is to get your consumers or any influencer’s permission before using the content they have created. Otherwise, copyright penalties may have to be faced. 

Tip 5 | Do Multichannel Targeting

Instagram and Facebook are no doubt youth’s beloved platforms. But we all have gotten tired of seeing so many ads and promotional content on them by now. So, expanding your advertising from just one social media platform to multiple ones can actually help you reach out to your scattered audience through different means on the internet. 

The ultimate goal is to reach the audience and achieve the intended goal. So it can also depend upon what goal you are looking to achieve and exactly what type of audience you’re aiming for. Because if your target audience is available on a certain type of platform, it wouldn’t be very smart to waste money on other social media platforms. In such a case, targeting and focusing on one platform is best. 

So to adopt this strategy, you must consider your personal goals, target audience, and budget (of course), and see what looks the best for you at the time. 

You must always test the latest ad type and platform to assess its viability as an advertising channel for your business niche.

Tip 6 | Create Campaigns For Each Part of the Funnel

There are three parts of a marketing funnel:

  • Top of the funnel (TOFU)
  • Middle of the funnel (MOFU)
  • Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

The top consists of people in an early discovery phase who are mostly only looking for products and brands similar to yours but don’t intend to buy. In comparison, the middle constitutes people who are actively shopping and comparing the features of different alternatives. 

Whereas the bottom includes people with the highest user intent. People who have finished considering alternatives and want to buy the product. So people at these different funnel stages will need to be persuaded differently. So, each campaign should target a different part of this funnel to cover all three types of audiences to drive maximum results. 

Tip 7 | Use Contextual Advertising 

Suppose you have a business of hair care products for curly hair. Your ideal audience is women or men, from teens to mid-thirties looking for manageable hair. 

People with curly hair are mostly worried about managing them and often look for tips and guides on how to best manage them for the most presentable looks on the internet. So imagine your target customer is reading an article about taking care of ‘curly hair,’ and your brand’s ad is placed right in the middle of it. 

How likely are they to click at it? Surely, chances of you getting a lead are increased by multiple percent by just the placement of your ad on the right page.

This is Google contextual advertising. It places your ads on the pages on the basis of its content. So your ads will be shown to the people that are literally looking for the solution to the problem you are solving for them. 

Surge Your Brand with Brand Surge’s PPC Strategy

It’s certainly not easy to create a strategy that guarantees you a certain success rate. You can’t define a number for yourself. But you can always approach the campaign with the strategy that will hit your audience in the spot, with the most relevant copy, and track the performance over time to make informed and required decisions along the way. 

Meanwhile, if you own a business and want to get the best results with your paid campaigns but don’t have the time to create and manage the whole campaign, our PPC specialists are here to help! 

Our experts are dedicated to providing you with digital solutions and marketing strategies to help you upsurge your business! Partner up with the best Google Ad agency and enjoy maximized traffic, leads, conversions, and return on investment. Get in touch for a free consultation (no credit card required) and discover your skyrocketing potential with Brand Surge!



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