Zahra Ahmed



Zahra Ahmed


With over 15 years of presence in the Pakistani market, Zahra Ahmad, a premium clothing brand, aspired to establish itself internationally. Despite their diverse and high-quality clothing range, they faced challenges in achieving international recognition, enhancing brand positioning, and driving sales, especially in the US, Canada, and UK.


Considering Zahra Ahmad’s expansion goals, we devised a comprehensive strategy involving international SEO, tailored content marketing, and precision-targeted PPC campaigns.

Our international SEO strategy focuses on improving the brand’s visibility in the target markets. By optimizing their website and content with geographically relevant keywords, we aimed to attract the international audience Zahra Ahmad desired.

Content marketing is also crucial – as it allows one to position a brand effectively in front of the right audience. Therefore, we developed content that highlighted Zahra Ahmad’s unique designs, blending traditional Pakistani craftsmanship with modern fashion trends to resonate with an international audience.

Additionally, we incorporated PPC campaigns into our strategy, understanding their power to drive immediate traffic and sales. We implemented a series of Meta Ads, aiming to reach potential customers effectively and efficiently. Our PPC strategy was focused on optimizing the ads to achieve the lowest cost per result while maintaining the quality of leads and conversions.


The efforts of our dedicated team of five professionals on the project and their strategies resulted in significant growth for Zahra Ahmad. Organic traffic increased by 50-40% in the targeted international markets. This traffic surge, paired with our SEO efforts, resulted in a 20% increase in overall organic sales from these markets.

Our PPC campaigns also yielded impressive results. Meta Ads delivered a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 28, indicating a high level of efficiency and effectiveness in our ad campaigns. We were able to maintain a low cost per result (CPR), ensuring that the campaigns provided excellent value for the investment.

With our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Zahra Ahmad has achieved the international recognition it sought, bolstered its brand positioning, and driven significant sales growth, confirming its status as a globally recognized Pakistani premium clothing brand.