Westlab, a leading innovator in laboratory design and scientific equipment, found its online presence lacking despite its groundbreaking products and proactive approach. The challenge was highlighting their industry-leading innovations, trendsetting solutions, and proactive team to a wider audience. They needed to strengthen their foothold in both the Australian and Canadian markets.


For Westlab, we developed a multi-pronged strategy encompassing organic SEO, high-impact PPC campaigns, and engaging content marketing. Our dedicated team of five professionals to the project aimed to accentuate Westlab’s unique position in the market and establish them as pioneers in their field.

Through organic SEO, we optimized Westlab’s online content to attract more attention from search engines. We focused on relevant keywords to attract their target audience – individuals and institutions keen on future-proofed scientific equipment. This led to a significant boost in organic traffic and impressions.

To reach a wider audience, we launched targeted PPC campaigns that prominently featured Westlab’s innovative products. We carefully crafted each ad to highlight the company’s commitment to enabling discovery in the field of science. With a focus on the Australian and Canadian markets, these campaigns were instrumental in increasing Westlab’s international presence.

Finally, our content marketing strategy focused on positioning Westlab as a thought leader in their industry. We developed engaging, informative content that showcased their breakthrough products and highlighted their proactive and customer-centric approach. This further enhanced Westlab’s reputation and established them as a trusted authority in their field.


Two years into our collaboration, Westlab’s online presence has seen exponential growth. Organic traffic has increased by 200%, with organic impressions growing by an impressive 300%. More importantly, these improvements have translated into a 30% increase in sales revenue.

Westlab’s breakthrough products are now reaching a much larger audience, thanks to the successful digital marketing campaign. Their international presence, especially in Australia and Canada, has been significantly strengthened.

All these results underscore the effectiveness of our strategic approach in elevating Westlab’s online presence and expanding its market reach.