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Speed PPC


SpeedPPC, a user-friendly PPC campaign management platform, was facing difficulties in fully utilizing its tools to generate high-quality leads. Their ultimate aim was to enhance click-through rates, increase quality scores, reduce costs, and drive more targeted traffic to their site, thus leading to the generation of high-quality leads and increased revenue.


To help SpeedPPC overcome these challenges, Brand Surge developed a bespoke PPC Lead Generation strategy. With a dedicated team of four professionals to the project, we conducted in-depth keyword research and built precise keyword sets comprising both bid and negative keywords. The strategy was centered around creating highly targeted and relevant ads that would not only increase click-through rates and quality scores but also attract high-intent leads.

We also exploited the dynamic landing page feature of SpeedPPC’s platform. By integrating these landing pages with the optimized keyword sets, we were able to generate unique URLs for each keyword, offering an elevated level of personalization to the end user.

Further, we established a rigorous campaign management process. Regular monitoring and analysis of campaign performance allowed us to make real-time adjustments, ensuring the campaign remained optimized for lead generation.


Our PPC Lead Generation strategy yielded significant results. The total impressions skyrocketed to over 26.7 million. More importantly, SpeedPPC saw a substantial 33% increase in high-quality leads, translating into increased sales revenue of over $900k.

The collaboration with Brand Surge allowed SpeedPPC to tap into its platform’s full potential, turning PPC campaigns into a powerful lead generation engine. The results underscore the potential of a data-driven, strategic approach to PPC Lead Generation, leading to improved lead quality and notable revenue growth.