Culturize, the first peer-to-peer online marketplace dedicated specifically to culture-related goods and products, was aspiring to expand its footprint in the USA. The uniqueness of the platform, inspired by the diverse global village of Dubai, was both its strength and challenge. They wanted to capture the nostalgia of homeland shopping experiences for the diverse immigrant population in the USA and bring their ethnic products locally from their homeland, all while building their organic traffic and online presence.


With a dedicated team of seven professionals to the project, Brand Surge stepped in with a deep understanding of Culturize’s unique mission and target audience. To enhance visibility in the highly competitive US market, a comprehensive SEO strategy was developed and executed, leveraging our platform’s unique cultural focus.

To increase organic traffic, a culturally immersive content marketing strategy was employed. This strategy created engaging, high-quality content that not only resonated with our diverse target audience but was also optimized for high-ranking keywords and phrases relevant to various cultures and their products.


The US launch of Culturize has been a triumphant success. Brand Surge’s customized SEO and content marketing strategies have considerably enhanced our platform’s visibility and boosted organic traffic. Today, Culturize stands as a leading online marketplace for culture-related products, providing a nostalgic shopping experience for the immigrant and expatriate population in the US.

Our successful launch and subsequent growth in the US market is a testament to Brand Surge’s ability to understand and cater to the unique needs of Culturize and implement effective strategies tailored to our mission and audience.