BlueForce Learning, a distinguished online law enforcement training provider, faced a significant hurdle. Despite having unique, high-value courses, they needed help to reach their target audience and drive enrollments. Their main challenge was to augment their online visibility and audience engagement, requiring Brand Surge’s expertise. 


To combat the invisibility issue and effectively promote BlueForce Learning’s courses, a dedicated team of five professionals devised a strategic, multi-pronged digital marketing campaign. The approach was a blend of PPC advertising, SEO optimization, and content marketing services.

With PPC, you can create highly-targeted campaigns, allowing BFL to reach out to their specific demographic of law enforcement professionals interested in Excel and Google Geofencing courses. We created campaigns where each ad highlighted the unique, data-driven approach of Blueforce Learning’s courses and included a straightforward ‘Enroll Now’ button leading straight to the course page.

Whereas SEO optimization improves a website’s ranking in search engine results for important keywords. It allows targeting high-value keywords related to law enforcement training and Excel proficiency, optimizing Blueforce Learning’s site to improve its ranking on search engine results.

This also involved enhancing existing content and creating strong backlinks. The advantage of SEO is that it brings in organic traffic – visitors who find the site through search and who are more likely to sign up for courses.

Moreover, by creating engaging, useful content that emphasizes the importance of the offered courses in today’s data-driven law enforcement field, Blueforce Learning can be successfully positioned as a leader in their industry.


Within six months of the campaign, Blueforce Learning saw a dramatic shift. The combined PPC, SEO, and content strategies not only put Blueforce Learning’s courses in front of millions of potential students but also managed to convert a significant number of them.

Website organic traffic surged by a remarkable 300%, largely due to improved search engine rankings and effective PPC campaigns. The most impressive metric, however, was the increase in course enrollments. A resounding 40% rise in sign-ups to their premium courses marked a significant success in Blueforce Learning’s mission to reach and educate more law enforcement professionals.

The PPC campaign generated over 3.5 million impressions and achieved a click-through rate of 3.2%, well above the industry average. The high-quality content created for the campaign was well-received, increasing the site’s average time spent by 20%.

Blueforce Learning successfully reached a larger audience and substantially boosted its course enrollments, all while reinforcing its reputation as a trusted provider of expert law enforcement training. Brand Surge’s comprehensive digital marketing campaign was instrumental in achieving these significant milestones, delivering results that exceeded expectations.